Week 8 Monday, Jul 12 2010 

My textbook for PR Writing Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques, 6th ed. talks about how journalists and PR practitioners often work closely. So naturally there may be some areas of friction.

Here are 10 ways that PR people can sometimes drive journalist crazy and ways to prevent it from ever happening.

  1. Using the wrong format- make sure you are familiar with the editorial requirements and format before sending anything
  2. Calling the journalist an excessive amount of times to follow-up- if the journalist is interested they will let you know; calling them multiple times will not change their mind
  3. Sending to information to the wrong person- your work will just be trashed so do some research to find the correct person to contact
  4. Having information that is not complete- the journalist will most likely not take the time to find the missing information and just trash it; make sure all information is there before you send it their way
  5. Sending the journalist an email that has an attachment- it will be seen as spam and deleted.
  6. Not meeting publication date- make sure you get your work in on time
  7. Poorly written materials- make sure you edit and proofread everything before you send it
  8. Spokesperson not available- if the journalist does need to ask any further questions but can’t get a hold of anyone your story will most likely not be published. So make sure you give them contact information that will actually work.
  9. Not knowing the product or service- Take the time and effort to do some research about the product or service
  10. Too many unsolicited e-mails, faxes, and phone calls- don’t be a nuisance because the journalist will remember you but not in a good way

Week 7 Monday, Jul 12 2010 

This week I took the course from NewsU  Five Steps to Multimedia Storytelling.

This course tells you how to create a multimedia story and it’s broken down into five sections:

  1. Choosing a story
  2. Making a storyboard
  3. Reporting with multimedia
  4. Editing for the web
  5. Producing the story

Hello world! Monday, Feb 1 2010 

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