Week 6 Monday, Jul 12 2010 

This week I listened to a podcast from Inside PR. This podcast discussed the popularity of social media monitoring tools.

A podcast is an audio or video program that can be downloaded from the internet via an iPod, MP3 player, or RSS feed. Podcast can be very beneficial to the PR practitioner, new PR practitioner, and PR students.

PR practitioners can use podcast to share their ideas with the masses through the internet. New PR practitioners can use podcast as an example and a reference tool. PR students can use current podcast as a guideline on how to make their podcast effective.


Week 5 Monday, Jul 12 2010 

This week my class and me participated in one week of Twitter. Before this assignment I have never used Twitter before but I have heard of it.

Going into this assignment knowing nothing about how Twitter worked I was kinda confused and didn’t really understand the point. I didn’t really have anything to say except what I was currently doing; which was usually doing homework and watching TV.

But I do understand how Twitter can be very beneficial and having previous experience will help me in the future. It’s a great, cheap way to communicate to a large group of people at one time. You can also monitor what the competition is doing and what your fellow PR practitioners are doing. It’s also a great way to easily communicate to your fellow coworkers through updates.

Oh and you can follow me at Twitter HERE!

Week 4 Monday, Jul 12 2010 

This week I took the NewsU course The Lead Lab. I found this course to be very helpful when writing leads. The course asked you to click on the seven hot spots in the lab. Each hot spot was a different activity to help you sharpen your lead writing skills.

Below I will describe the different hot spots.

Refresh your lead basics: Here the basic elements of the lead were broken down. The basic elements include: who, what, where, when, why, how, and so what.  There was also an activity at the end where you chose a headline to a story and broke it down into the basic elements.

Discover lead types: There are two types of leads: direct and delayed. Direct gets to the point immediately while delayed tales a little longer. Direct leads are broken down into two smaller groups: summary and analysis. Delayed leads are broken down into smaller groups: round-up, emblem, significant detail, and anecdotal. At the end there was a game to test your knowledge of lead types.

Write better leads:This part shows you the next step after you know the 5 W’s, the H, and the SW. It gives you tips on how to develop your ideas into a lead sentence that is effective.

Fix your leads: This section shows you how to revise your lead. Some tips include: read your lead aloud, play the revision game, and remember the basics.

Share a great lead:In this section you can submit a lead that you have written yourself or one that you saw in a newspaper.

You be the reporter: In this section you can apply what you’ve learned. This activity you pretend to be a reporter and write your own leads.

Explode writing myths: Here they prove some myths about lead writing to be wrong.

  1. leads must never begin with a quote
  2. leads must always contain attributions
  3. a good lead is never more that three or four lines long
  4. a lead must sum up the story in one paragraph

Week 3 Wednesday, Jun 9 2010 

Why are comments an integral part of blogs?

A blog post is someone putting their thoughts out into the world.  So blog comments are people’s reactions to those thoughts. This makes comments a very integral part of blogs. It’s feedback.

People also write blog comments for different reasons. Some want to get the attention of an influential blogger while others want to drive traffic to their own blog. Some appreciate what the blogger said but others want to say they disagree. While others want to establish themselves as an expert on what the blogger wrote.

Blog comments can enhance the message of the blog itself.  People who write comments offer another point of view or offer enforcing information about what the blog author is writing about.

Advice for writing blog comments:

When writing a blog comment the most important thing to remember is that anyone and everyone can see it; so think about what you’re writing.

Some tips for writing blog comments are:

  • Stay on topic; make sure what you’re writing about is relevant.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread
  • Try not to start a blog comment war. If your opinion differs say it nicely.
  • Provide links to other similar articles
  • Write more than “Thank you” and “I love it.” It’s good positive reinforcement but it doesn’t add value.
  • Keep your comment brief. No one has time to read a comment that’s a novel long.
  • Make one point per comment

Week 2 Monday, Apr 26 2010 

This week I visited Mignon Fogarty’s Grammar Girl’s website.

One blog post from the Grammar Girl’s website discussed when to correctly use lie verses lay. This is one area in grammar that I have some difficulties with.  I can never remember which one means to rest and which one means to place.

Below is a graphic from the website that show the use of lie and lay in different tenses.

Reading this article has definitely helped me.  It clearly tells you the difference between the two and how to think through which word is appropriate to use.   The comments that other people have left is also helpful. They tell ways they remember which word to use; their own anecdotes.

Week 5- Super Bowl Ads Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

I’m not a huge football fan but I actually watched the whole Super Bowl this year.  In previous years, I would pay no attention to the game and only half watch the commercials but there were a lot of really good commercials this year.  I did enjoy most of the commercials but I think it’s ridiculous that they cost so much.  This year the commercials cost about $2.6 million!

Some of my favorites were the Coke commercial, the E*Trade commercial and Doritos have a few that were good.  I’m kinda bias about the Coke commercial because that’s where my mom works but this years commercial was amazing.  It’s about a guy sleepwalking through the Safari to get a Coke.  This commercial is very visually appealing and it stood out because not a lot of commercials are shot in the Safari.  I also liked the “Other Girlfriend” commercial by E*Trade.  “A Milkawhat?” it’s hilarious.  Who doesn’t like the E*Trade babies?  Doritos had a lot of commercials this year but my favorite was the one with the little boy.  His mom is going on a date and he tells the guy, “Keep your hands off my momma, keep your hands off my Doritos.”

A commercial that I didn’t like was the Flo TV commercial about “the spineless man.”  This commercials target audience was obviously guys but I still think it’s sexist.  I also didn’t like the Taco Bell commercial with Charles Barkley.  He looks stiff and awkward and everything else behind him is random. I also don’t like the song.