Why are comments an integral part of blogs?

A blog post is someone putting their thoughts out into the world.  So blog comments are people’s reactions to those thoughts. This makes comments a very integral part of blogs. It’s feedback.

People also write blog comments for different reasons. Some want to get the attention of an influential blogger while others want to drive traffic to their own blog. Some appreciate what the blogger said but others want to say they disagree. While others want to establish themselves as an expert on what the blogger wrote.

Blog comments can enhance the message of the blog itself.  People who write comments offer another point of view or offer enforcing information about what the blog author is writing about.

Advice for writing blog comments:

When writing a blog comment the most important thing to remember is that anyone and everyone can see it; so think about what you’re writing.

Some tips for writing blog comments are:

  • Stay on topic; make sure what you’re writing about is relevant.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread
  • Try not to start a blog comment war. If your opinion differs say it nicely.
  • Provide links to other similar articles
  • Write more than “Thank you” and “I love it.” It’s good positive reinforcement but it doesn’t add value.
  • Keep your comment brief. No one has time to read a comment that’s a novel long.
  • Make one point per comment