This week I read chapters 10 and 11 in Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox.

Chapter 10: Distributing News to the Media

  • Media lists and e-mail addresses should be updated regularly because journalist frequently change jobs.
  • Create a tip sheet. A tip sheets lets publicists know what kind of information a certain publication or broadcast station is seeking for a particular purpose.
  • E-mail is now the popular way to communicate with reporters and editors.
  • Keyword are important for search engine optimization (SEO)

Chapter 11: Getting Along with Journalist

  • The most common complaints journalists have about public relations people are:
  1. lack of familiarity with editorial requirements and format
  2. poorly written material
  3. too many unsolicited e-mails and phone calls
  4. lack of knowledge about their product or service
  5. repeated calls and follow-ups