Chapter 5 in Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox is titled, “Writing the News Release.”

The news release is the backbone of almost every publicity plan. However, between 55 and 97 percent of all news releases sent to the media are never used.

Since different news releases are trying to accomplish different goals their are five basic types of news releases.

  • announcements
  • spot announcements
  • reaction releases
  • bad news
  • local news

The traditional news release has six basic components:

  1. letterhead
  2. contacts
  3. headline
  4. dateline
  5. lead paragraph
  6. body of text

A multimedia news release, also called a smart media release (SMR), is often used for major events and product launches.  It usually includes the traditional news release but includes photos, video, and audio. Hyperlinks can also be embedded into the text and link are made to social media networks.