Chapter 4 in Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox is titled, “Finding and Making News.”

A major purpose of many public relations programs is to provide information to the media in the hope that it will be published or broadcast. This coverage is called publicity but is not an end in itself.  It is a means to help achieve organizational goals and objectives.

Publicists should understand the basic news values of:

  • timeliness
  • prominence
  • proximity
  • significance
  • unusualness
  • human interest
  • conflict
  • newness

Some tactics to generate news are:

  • special events
  • contests
  • polls and surveys
  • top 10 list
  • stunts
  • product demonstrations
  • rallies and protests
  • personal appearances
  • awards

Generating news requires creativity, so think outside the box, and problem-solving skills to get noticed.