Chapter 14 in Public Relations Writing And Media Techniques, 6th ed. by Dennis L. Wilcox is titled, “Writing E-mails, Memos, and Proposals.”

  • Information overload is becoming a problem in our society today. So keep your messages short, simple, and to the point.
  • E-mail is less formal than a letter, but more formal than a telephone call.  You can increase the effectiveness of your e-mail message by:
  1. providing key information in the subject line
  2. keeping them to 25 lines or less
  3. using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Memos should be one page or less and state the key message immediately.  A memo should contain:
  1. date
  2. to
  3. from
  4. subject
  5. message
  • A proposal is written to get something accomplished, usually to consider a new program or policy.