Tapping the groundswell is the second part in the book Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. This week we read chapters 4-9.

Chapter 4: strategies for tapping the groundswell

Chapter 4 discusses a four step planning process called the POST method; POST stands for people, objectives, strategy, and technology.  POST is the foundation of groundswell thinking- a systematic framework for assembling your plan.

Also in this chapter five objectives are listed that companies can pursue in the groundswell.

1) Listening

2) Talking

3) Energizing

4) Supporting

5) Embracing

The clarity of your objectives will make or break your strategy.  Companies should pick the one that best matches the objectives of your company as a whole.

Chapter 5: listening to the groundswell

Groundswell lists two listening strategies:

  • set up your own private community
  • brand monitoring

Listening is perhaps the most essential neglected skill in business.

Here are six reason why listening is important to your business:

1) find out what your brand stands for

2) understand how buzz is shofting

3) save research money; increase research responsiveness

4) find the sources of influence in your market

5) manage PR crisis

6) generate new product and marketing ideas

Chapter 6: talking with the groundswell

Here are four ways to talk with the groundswell:

1) post a viral video

2) engage in social networks and user-generated content sites

3) join a blogoshpere

4) create a community

Chapter 7:energizing the groundswell

What is energizing?

Energizing the base is a powerful way to use the groundswell to boost your business.

Word of mouth advertising succeeds because:

  • it’s believable
  • it’s self-reinforcing
  • it’s self-spreading

Chapter 8: helping the groundswell support itself

This chapter discusses ways to support your groundswell. Outsourcing- moving support calls overseas- is one of the major trends.  By 2015, 3.4 American jobs will likely go offshore.

Chapter 9: embracing the groundswell

This chapter is about the relationships you’re developing with the consumers.  Embracing the groundswell- making customers a integral part of the way you innovate, with both products and process information.