Part three: the groundswell transforms

Chapter 10: how connecting with the groundswell transforms your company

In this chapter we look at examples of how Unilever, a skin care product company, used the groundswell to transform their company. Unilever transformed traditional marketing with their Dove product line. In 2006, Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty launched; it was a different approach to marketing beauty products.

Chapter 11:the groundswell inside your company

This chapter discusses how the employees effect the company because after all they do work for you. In corporations around the world their employees can connect on internal social networks, collaborate on wikis, and contribute to idea exchanges.

Chapter 12: the future of the groundswell

“Groundswell technologies are exploding. They’re cheap and easy to create and improve, they tap easily into the Internet advertsisng economy, and they connect people who naturally want to connect.”

In the future groundswell will be embedded into every activity; not just on computers.