Week 5- Super Bowl Ads Tuesday, Feb 16 2010 

I’m not a huge football fan but I actually watched the whole Super Bowl this year.  In previous years, I would pay no attention to the game and only half watch the commercials but there were a lot of really good commercials this year.  I did enjoy most of the commercials but I think it’s ridiculous that they cost so much.  This year the commercials cost about $2.6 million!

Some of my favorites were the Coke commercial, the E*Trade commercial and Doritos have a few that were good.  I’m kinda bias about the Coke commercial because that’s where my mom works but this years commercial was amazing.  It’s about a guy sleepwalking through the Safari to get a Coke.  This commercial is very visually appealing and it stood out because not a lot of commercials are shot in the Safari.  I also liked the “Other Girlfriend” commercial by E*Trade.  “A Milkawhat?” it’s hilarious.  Who doesn’t like the E*Trade babies?  Doritos had a lot of commercials this year but my favorite was the one with the little boy.  His mom is going on a date and he tells the guy, “Keep your hands off my momma, keep your hands off my Doritos.”

A commercial that I didn’t like was the Flo TV commercial about “the spineless man.”  This commercials target audience was obviously guys but I still think it’s sexist.  I also didn’t like the Taco Bell commercial with Charles Barkley.  He looks stiff and awkward and everything else behind him is random. I also don’t like the song.


Hello world! Monday, Feb 1 2010 

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